About Tekscan

Amazing insights and innovative products using Tekscan pressure mapping, force measurement, and tactile sensors

Tekscan’s patented tactile force and pressure sensing solutions provide our customers with the actionable information they need to optimize product design and improve clinical and research outcomes. Our sensors and systems are used across a wide range of applications within test and measurement, medical, dental, and retail; as stand-alone solutions or as embedded technology to create better and differentiated products. Our passion for innovation, broad expertise and commitment to quality help turn your vision into reality.

Pressure Mapping Technology

Measure interface pressure between two surfaces, utilizing a thin and flexible sensor. The resulting data and our analysis tools offer insights to enhance product design, manufacturing, quality, and research.

What is a Pressure Mapping System?

Pressure mapping is a unique test & measurement technology and prime example of a wide-reaching R&D tool. Top tier companies have successfully used our systems to help solve application challenges, improve product design, and more.

Tyre Analysis

Capture static or dynamic tyre footprint pressure patterns for tyre tread and performance analysis.

Analyze tyre performance and tread to optimize tire designs and benchmark against competitive products

Tyre manufacturers need to understand the changes of a tyre under various loads and applications to improve handling and response. This analysis tool provides insight for a better understanding of tyre design and how the tyre interacts with road surfaces. Analyzing a tyre footprint with pressure mapping allows engineers to see how they can improve their design.

Tactile Grip Force and Pressure Sensing

The Grip™ system measures and evaluates static and dynamic pressures from grasping objects. Grip measures interface pressure for human hand and finger gripping applications to assess comfort, design, and ergonomics. The system is used to improve design for a more ergonomically sound product, study carpal tunnel and repetitive motion syndrome, or analyze the human hold on various tools and sports equipment. It is an ideal tool for collecting vital information and insight to enhance product design, manufacturing, quality, and research.

Windshield Wiper Pressure Mapping

Utilizing a tactile pressure sensor, the Wiper™ System measures wiper blade to windshield interface force profiles under various testing conditions. The Wiper system measures the force distribution along the entire length of the blade at different positions on the windshield, providing important insights to improve design. It is used as a research and development tool to improve blade and wiper system performance under different conditions such as “lift-off.”

Body Pressure Measurement System

BPMS™ measures the pressure distribution of a human body on support surfaces such as seats, mattresses, cushions, and backrests. The thin and conforming sensing mat can measure body pressure distribution with minimal interference of the support surface.

Nip Measurement

Ensuring uniform nip pressure across the entire surface area of those rolls is crucial to producing a reliably consistent product, maintaining productivity, minimizing machine down time, reducing waste, and more.

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