About Tovey Engineering

Tovey Engineering manufactures force transducers and force calibration systems with industry leading accuracy and reliability. Tovey focuses exclusively on test measurements, materials testing, and metrology markets, offering a variety of standard products, special transducer designs and advanced engineering services to meet customer requirements. Tovey’s standard force products are used for research and development, material testing, creep and fatigue testing, component testing, sub-assembly testing and final assembly testing. A range of product measurement uncertainties are available to meet everyday requirements up through high-performance applications. Tovey’s mission is to support high-end engineering R&D and test of auto, aerospace, and other customers and to function as a critical resource for commercial and military metrology labs.

Tovey’s products and services include:

  • Load Cells from 4.5N to 4.5MN
  • Accredited Force Calibration from 4.5 N to 4.5 MN
  • Accredited Torque Calibration from 0.1 Nm to 11,300 Nm
  • Force Calibration Systems from 0.1 Nm to 4.5 MN
  • Torque Calibration Systems from 10 Nm to 11,300 Nm
  • Custom Design Services
  • Custom Gauging Services
  • Applications Engineering
  • OEM Sensors
  • Related Instrumentation
  • Collaborative R&D

Fatigue Rated Low Capacity Load Cells

125 N to 1,500 N

  • Fatigue Rated
  • Small Scale
  • Sealed
  • Static Error Band .05%
  • In-line Loading
  • Compensated for Off-Axis Loads

Fatigue Rated Shear Web Load Cells

0.75 kN to 250 kN

  • First Choice for Fatigue Testing Applications
  • Guaranteed for 100 Million Fully Reversed Cycles
  • Low Height
  • Guaranteed Maximum Off-Center Load & Moment Error
  • Low Creep
  • Low Susceptibility to Magnetic Fields
  • Barometric Pressure Compensation
  • 5pt Tension & Compression Calibration
  • Proprietary Modulus Compensated Strain Gages

Fatigue Rated High Capacity Load Cells

500 kN to 2,250 kN

Tovey Engineering Product Catalog

Product Catalog (v5.31-2019)

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