About Imatek

Imatek’s mission is simple — to manufacture the best test equipment in the world, and to help customers get the best out of it. Imatek may be relatively new to the market, but their personnel have long and thorough experience of the theory and practice of materials testing, particularly impact testing and rheology. Imatek are a small and agile company, dedicated to materials testing and with an ethos that emphasises accuracy, reliability, safety and personal relationships with customers. As the owner of Imatek equipment you can always count on free, responsive technical support.

In addition to supplying impact testers, rheometers and data acquisition systems, Imatek also offer consultancy, planned maintenance, repair and calibration services.

Try the Imatek experience — problem solved.

Drop Weight Impact Testers
Film Tester
Plaque Tester
Imatek Horizontal Impact Tester
Drop Weight Tear Tester
Twin-bore Capillary Rheometer
High Speed Video
Data Acquisition

C3008 Data Acquisition

Drop Weight Tear Testers

Imatek HIT

High Speed Video

IM1-F Film Tester

IM1-P Plaque Tester

IM10 Type R Drop Weight Impact Testers

IM10T Drop Weight Impact Testers

Imatek R6000

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