GDS Launch New 128kN & 256kN Static Load Frames


GDS Launch New 128kN & 256kN Static Load FramesGDS has re-designed and upgraded two of it static load frames. The new 128kN and 256kN load frames will replace our existing 100kN and 250kN models respectively. The load frames have enhanced position/velocity accuracy, direct load control and improved stiffness while still [...]

GDS Launch New 128kN & 256kN Static Load Frames2021-03-30T09:04:29+11:00

GDS Software Update: Axial Control in Saturation & Consolidation Module


GDSLab Software Update: Axial Control in Saturation & Consolidation Module GDS have implemented new functionality in the Triaxial Saturation and Consolidation (Satcon) test module, to allow optional Axial control during Saturation and Consolidation. This gives the Satcon test module the option of either undocked Isotropic test control or docked [...]

GDS Software Update: Axial Control in Saturation & Consolidation Module2020-12-03T10:02:56+11:00

GUNT Fluid Line


Remote teaching and learning on the fundamentals of fluid mechanics GUNT-Fluid Line with the HM-250 'Fundamentals of fluid mechanics' GUNT offers the FLUID LINE series of innovative devices for the fundamentals of fluid mechanics: With the GUNT-Fluid Line you can also carry out lab experiments at corona times. How [...]

GUNT Fluid Line2020-09-04T18:49:51+10:00

Epsilon News – June 2020


Non-Contact Extensometers for Environmental Chambers, Elastomers, Rebar Epsilon introduces two additional non-contact extensometers: Epsilon ONE-250CE and Epsilon ONE-500CE, optimized for the following applications: Environmental chambers Elastomers, rubber, high-extension plastics Rebar 1. Strain measurement when testing in an environmental chamber Extensometer operates entirely outside of the environmental chamber, so there [...]

Epsilon News – June 20202020-06-18T11:41:36+10:00

Epsilon ONE® Product Line Expansion


Epsilon ONE® Product Line Expansion Epsilon announces new Epsilon ONE® models for non-contacting strain measurement in the following materials testing applications: Elastomers, rubber, high-extension plastics Rebar Measuring specimen strain in environmental chambers See details about the new models at (scroll down after clicking). Model ONE-250CE Field of View: 250 mm Working [...]

Epsilon ONE® Product Line Expansion2020-06-02T09:15:31+10:00

Epsilon News – April 2020


View this email in your browser The Extensometer Newsletter - April 2020 / Issue 9 Stay productive and learn about extensometry - 20 short videos Learn about extensometers for materials testing in Epsilon’s video library of short videos showing extensometer demonstrations, setup, and applications. On our website: ▶️Epsilon ONE® - non-contacting [...]

Epsilon News – April 20202020-04-21T17:06:53+10:00

ACS statement in relation to the Coronavirus


Contingency plans associated with the threat of Coronavirus In response to the risk associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, ACS/Trescal has implemented global contingency planning organised at a country level. This planning will be reviewed on a regular frequency whilst the preserved risk exists. In Australia we have formed a [...]

ACS statement in relation to the Coronavirus2020-03-24T16:15:57+11:00

Trescal moves into the Australian & NZ market


PRESS RELEASE June 2019 Trescal Moves Into the Australian & New Zealand Calibration Markets Paris, June 13th, 2019. Trescal, the international specialist in calibration services, is taking a new step in Asia Pacific with the acquisition of Australian Calibrating Services, present in Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 1969, [...]

Trescal moves into the Australian & NZ market2019-06-17T08:43:27+10:00

GDS News – June 2019


News from GDS Instruments for June 2019Instrumented Hoek CellA highly sophisticated, research focused, version of the traditional Hoek cell that can be fully instrumented. With 70MPa cell pressure and maximum loads up to 2MN. The GDS Instrumented Hoek Cell uniquely combines the measurement versatility of a high pressure triaxial cell with [...]

GDS News – June 20192019-06-13T09:41:50+10:00

GDS News – April 2019


Latest news from GDS Instruments. View this email in your browser GDS Apparatus at NGI's Geotechnical Laboratory in OSLO NGI's laboratory in Oslo is equipped with a wide range of advanced testing facilities, including static and cyclic CAU/CAD Triaxial, Static and Cyclic Direct Simple Shear, Constant Rate of Strain [...]

GDS News – April 20192019-04-05T20:46:10+11:00
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