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About Crosby-Straightpoint

Straightpoint became the first company to offer the lifting industry a robust reliable electronic force measurement device, replacing the cumbersome and obsolete mechanical units that had been in use for decades.

Loadlink Digital Dynamometer Tension Load Cells

The original digital dynamometer tension load cell has been serving the load testing and force or weight measurement industries since 1979. These Load monitoring systems are available in Telemetry Wireless (RLP), self-indicating (LLP) and cabled non-indicating (WLP) versions. Ruggedly built and highly accurate load link style load cell dynamometers allow for force and load monitoring across a broad range of industries and applications.

Shackle Load Cells

Straightpoint’s shackle load cell or ‘Loadshackle’ product line has been providing the lifting community with a low headroom load monitoring solution for over a decade. By integrating the load cell into the shackle pin the product provides for a compact and lightweight load monitoring solution while still meeting industry SWL and accuracy requirements. These popular LMI Systems are available as cabled or telemetry wireless loadcells.

  Compression Load Cells

The Straightpoint range of wired and wireless compression load cell product lines combine heavy duty construction, industry leading accuracy and high capacity into a cost effective weighing and load monitoring product. Straightpoint compression load cells are utilized every day in compression force testing, structural weighing and for the conformation of mass and centre of gravity

Crane Scales

The Jumboweigher range of Crane scales provide a cost effective solution for those who are looking for an affordable, heavy duty, permanent use crane scale. This cranescale is available in three capacities 5t, 10t and 20t and each and every Jumboweigher is proof tested to twice the safe working load three times and supplied with a certificate of proof test, calibration and conformity. Straightpoint’s Miniweigher Plus range of crane scales is in a class of its own. In production since 1978 the Miniweigher Plus is the mini crane scale with big crane scale features. Available in capacities from 100 kg to 5t this product is known worldwide for its full features, robust construction, high accuracy, compact size and extreme portability.

Low Headroom Links

The unique low headroom design combines the ability to lift loads with capacities up to 30 tons with state of the art electronics, high accuracy and resolution of over 5000 divisions. Available cabled and wireless.


Clamp on line tensionmeter NEW

Straightpoint’s latest innovation the Clamp on line tensionmeter, featuring a Bluetooth COLT App for use with mobile phones.
It is particularly useful for guy wire maintenance on cell towers, bridges, stacks, antennas & masts

Running Line Tensiometer

The TIMH range is a Running Line Tensiometer or RLTM built with dockside, marine, offshore, towage and salvage applications in mind. It is particularly useful where there is no anchor or dead end on the line to rig a Straightpoint Radiolink or Loadlink digital dynamometer to measure tension force.

Other Force Measurement Load Cells

Our loadpin loadcells and S-Beam load cells are perfect for OEM projects, custom test machines or for monitoring load in a manufacturing environment requiring closed loop feedback and controls. Both product lines can be used with our (HHP) Handheld Plus display, Desktop Controller software or configured with an analog output module and are supplied with certificates of proof test, calibration and conformity.

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