Indentec Hardness Testing Machine Limited is a long established British manufacturer renowned for quality, invention and technical innovation. We design and manufacture a full range of hardness testers, test blocks, indenters and other accessories. We also have an in house design capability for special tooling and automatic systems.



Imatek’s mission is simple — to manufacture the best test equipment in the world, and to help customers get the best out of it. Imatek may be relatively new to the market, but their personnel have long and thorough experience of the theory and practice of materials testing, particularly impact testing and rheology. Imatek are a small and agile company, dedicated to materials testing and with an ethos that emphasises accuracy, reliability, safety and personal relationships with customers.


ELE International

Construction materials testing equipment and environmental instrumentation. ELE International specialises in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-quality construction materials testing equipment and environmental instrumentation. Our products are backed by global customer service, with comprehensive technical and applications support.



One of the key differentiators of ACS and a major benefit of our long term expertise and understanding of our market and product needs is that we design and manufacture our own range of measurement equipment, including electronic load cells and digital indicators.


King Tester

Located in Pennsylvania, KING Tester Corporation prides itself as the leader in manufacturing and distribution of portable Brinell hardness testers. Our mission is to continue our founder Andrew King's vision by serving all of our customers with the highest standards of product quality and reliability, while maintaining excellent customer service. All KING Portable Brinell Testers are made in the USA!