Epsilon ONE® Product Line Expansion

Epsilon announces new Epsilon ONE® models for non-contacting strain measurement in the following materials testing applications:

  • Elastomers, rubber, high-extension plastics
  • Rebar
  • Measuring specimen strain in environmental chambers

See details about the new models at www.epsilontech.com/epsilon-one/#ordering-information (scroll down after clicking).

Model ONE-250CE
Field of View: 250 mm
Working Distance: 280 mm

Above: tensile testing of rubber in an environmental chamber

Model ONE-500CE
Field of View: 500 mm
Working Distance: 270 mm

Above: tensile testing of high-elongation plastic

Epsilon can offer many other configurations for customers who require a Field Of View >500 mm or a Working Distance >280 mm

New Epsilon ONE® Videos and Tech Notes

See how to determine what Field of View is required, watch an Epsilon ONE demonstration, and more

When selecting a video extensometer you will need to know how large the Field of View needs to be for your specimens. A new video, “Determine What Field of View You Require – Experimental Method”, available here, shows customers how. Customers can also calculate the required FOV using this Tech Note.

Speaking of selecting a video extensometer, see Epsilon’s Dr. Wes Womack give an in-depth Epsilon ONE demonstration in the new video here.
Non-contacting extensometers are a great solution when testing in an environmental chamber. Learn more about how Epsilon ONE works with environmental chambers here.

Extensometer Video Library

Epsilon announces an Extensometer Video Library at www.epsilontech.com/extensometer-video-library. This resource makes it easy to view product demonstrations, learn how to set up various extensometer models and mount them on specimens, and more. This resource will be very useful for demonstrating and training.

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