The Extensometer Newsletter – November 2018 / Issue 8

A Breakthrough in Non-Contact Axial Extensometers

Industry-Leading Resolution, Accuracy and Speed
Innovative Features for Unmatched Ease of Use

New Epsilon ONE™ optical extensometers are a major advance in non-contact axial strain measurement, solving the two big problems with video extensometers: accuracy at small strains and ease of use.

Epsilon ONE’s resolution, accuracy, and speed lead the industry, and enable Epsilon ONE to meet ISO 0,5 / ASTM B-1 accuracy classes when testing everything from composites and metals to elastomers (video). Additionally, Epsilon ONE is rated for non-contact strain control and use in fatigue testing up to 200 Hz.

Innovative features that increase testing throughput while maximizing performance include:

  • Instant Reset – ready to test in under 2 seconds (video)
  • Always Real-Time – post-processing is never required, even at the highest data rates
  • Laser Assist Alignment System – instant visual spot-check for specimen alignment and optics positioning

Epsilon ONE fits all types of materials testing machines and is patent pending.

Best-In-Class Performance

Having enough resolution and accuracy at small strains is crucial when measuring modulus, yield points and stress-strain curves of high-modulus materials. The same applies with non-contact strain-controlled testing. For example, Epsilon ONE’s resolution is typically <0.2 µm with a 1 Hz filter (typical for tensile testing), and <5 nm in low strain rate applications.

The key to Epsilon ONE’s excellent performance is a combination of technologies – optical design, telecentric lenses, fast processing algorithms, and advanced calibration techniques – all with high data rates, for example up to 3000 Hz, that can be filtered in real time.
  • Resolution: <0.2 µm with 1 Hz filter, <5 nm in low strain rate applications
  • Real-Time Data Rate: 300-3000 Hz
  • Absolute Accuracy: <±1 µm or 0.2% of value
  • Cyclic Testing: >200 Hz cyclic test frequency, waveform independent
  • Maximum Tracking Speed: >1500 mm/second

Unmatched Ease of Use

  • Always on, always ready: Unlike DIC systems, software interactions are unnecessary when running repetitive tests
  • Faster throughput with Instant Reset: Auto-start repetitive tests without touching the extensometer or software
  • Fully factory calibrated: Epsilon calibrates using the industry’s most comprehensive process to account for scaling, skew, lens distortion, and uneven lighting; no grids or bars are required for calibration
  • Cleaner workspace: No need for an additional computer and monitor; the included User Interface software has very low resource requirements and can run on the test machine’s computer
  • Optional Touch Interface: Access and control the Epsilon ONE without a computer (video)

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