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About ZwickRoell

ZwickRoell is the world’s leading supplier of materials testing machines. Our materials testing machines are used worldwide in R&D and quality assurance in more than 20 industries. For more than 160 years, ZwickRoell has stood for reliable test results, excellent service, and quality and reliability in materials and components testing.
The ZwickRoell Group includes companies specialized in a variety of areas in materials and components testing. We work together to offer excellent technical capabilities, unique quality, and the highest degree of reliability possible.

zwickiLine for Low-Force Testing

ProLine for standardized tests
Static Testing Machines
Static Materials Testing Machines

  • Universal testing machines up to 2,500 kN
  • Creep testing systems and machines
  • Torsion testing machines
  • Biaxial testing machines
  • Sheet metal testing machines
Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems
Dynamic and Fatigue Testing Systems

  • Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machines
  • Vibrophores
  • High-Speed Testing Machines
Automated Testing Systems
Automated Testing Systems

  • Compact testing systems for routine tensile or flexure tests
  • Advanced testing systems for tensile or flexure tests
  • High-end testing systems for complex testing situations
Products for Impact Testing
Products for Impact Testing

  • Pendulum Impact Testers from 5.5 to 750 joules
  • Drop weight testers up to 100,000 joules
Melt Flow Indexers
Melt Flow Indexers

  • Cflow
  • Mflow
  • Aflow
HDT and Vicat
HDT and Vicat

  • Heat deflection temperature to ISO 75 (HDT) Heat deflection / distortion temperature)
  • Vicat Softening Temperature to ISO 306 (VST: Vicat Softening Temperature)
Hardness Testing Machines
Hardness Testing Machines

  • Universal Hardness Testing Machines
  • Vickers Hardness Testers
  • Rockwell Hardness Testers
  • Hardness Testers for Instrumented Indentation Tests
  • Shore/IRHD Hardness Testers
  • Portable Hardness Testers
Testing System Modernization
Testing system modernization

  • Electromechanical Static Testing Machines
  • Hydraulic Static Testing Machines
  • Servo-Hydraulic Testing Machines
  • Vibrophores
Testing Software
Testing Software

  • testXpert III
  • testXpert II
  • testXpert R
  • InspectorX
  • HD software
  • testXpert

  • Specimen grips
  • Test tools
  • Load cells
  • Extensometers
  • Systems for Climate and Temperature Testing
  • Accessories for servo-hydraulic testing machines
  • Specimen preparation

Testing Machines and Systems for the Automotive Industry (4.5MB)

Testing Machines and Systems for Composites (3.3MB)

Testing Machines and Systems for the Medical Industry (3.1MB)

Testing Machines and Testing Systems for Metals (4.9MB)

Testing Machines and Testing Systems for Textile Materials (2.3MB)

Testing of Plastics and Rubber (5.5MB)

Solutions for Academia (3.8MB)

Dynamic and fatigue testing systems (3.5MB)

HIT Pendulum Impact Testers from 5 to 50 Joule (10.9MB)

LTM 5/10 electro-dynamic testing machine (768kB)

Extrusion Plastometers Aflow, Mflow and Cflow (900kB)

Hardness Testing with ZwickRoell (2.82MB)

Testing Software testXpert® II Intelligent and Reliable (4.2MB)

testXpert III (6.5MB)

System requirements for testXpert® III V1.2 (140kB)

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