Heat & Temperature

ACS can calibrate, adjust and repair a wide range of temperature & humidity devices both on-site and at any of our fully equipped NATA laboratories throughout Australia.

Please see our accreditation page for full details of our capabilities.

We calibrate:

  • Base metal thermocouples.
  • Surface probes.
  • Liquid-in-glass thermometers.
  • Radiation pyrometers/non-contact thermometers.
  • Bimetallic systems.
  • Digital temperature indicator systems including data loggers & simulators.
  • Indicators, recorders and controllers.
  • Relative humidity & humidity measuring devices including data loggers & hygrometers.
  • Environmental chambers.
  • Enclosures including ovens, furnaces, incubators, industrial freezers, autoclaves & sterilising ovens.
  • Room mapping.
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