Dimensional Metrology

ACS can calibrate, adjust and repair a wide range of dimensional metrology equipment at any of our fully equipped NATA laboratories throughout Australia. Non-NATA calibration can also be carried out on-site.

Please see our accreditation page for full details of our capabilities.

We calibrate:

  • Limit gauges including plain plug & ring gauges.
  • Parallel screw plug gauges.
  • Jigs, fixtures, cutting tools and components.
  • Surface tables (on-site)
  • Straightedges, squares, bevel protractors & precision spirit levels.
  • Eccentric mandrels.
  • Micrometer heads & dial gauge calibrators
  • External & Internal micrometers including micrometer setting gauges.
  • Micrometer height & depth gauges.
  • Electronics indicators, dial gauges & test indicators.
  • Bore gauges.
  • Electronic & vernier callipers.
  • Feeler gauges.
  • Extensometers & extensometer calibrators.
  • Steel rules, measuring tapes, precision graticules & linear scales.
  • Individual & sets of gauge blocks.
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