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Australian Calibrating Services continues to expand its scope of service.

Australian Calibrating Services continues to expand its scope of service.

Australian Calibrating Services continues to increase its scope of services and has recently being granted a Trade Measurement Servicing license for Class 1.1 - Measures of length not exceeding 2 metres.

This accreditation is in addition to, and complimentary to ACS’s current NATA accreditation and allows ACS to test and verify measuring instruments used for trade. Servicing licensees employ verifiers who are nominated to verify trade measuring instruments under the servicing license.

Servicing licensees provide a valuable service to Australian industry, businesses and consumers in making sure there is trust and confidence in the accuracy of measurements used to determine the trade value of goods.

Should you have any questions on this added service or have any calibration requirements please do not hesitate to contact the ACS Team.

MTS 2017 Services & Accessories Catalog Now Available

MTS Services, Maintenance Parts and Accessories Catalog for 2017

Test and product development professionals rely on MTS to help increase lab productivity and accelerate time to market. Around the world, test engineers recognize that our solutions enable efficient test, measurement and simulation for a wide range of products and materials. Whether you need to evaluate advanced composites and alloys or test full-scale automobiles, airplanes, bridges or buildings, MTS testing solutions make possible many of the innovations that are changing how our world works.

Click here to download the 2017 catalog from MTS

MTS Software Products and Support of Windows 10

On July 29, 2014 Microsoft released Windows 10, its latest Windows-based operating system.

MTS Systems has announced the following targeted release dates for MTS software to support Windows 10 Pro.

Please note, Windows 10 comes in four version: Home, Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise LTSB. MTS Systems plan to only test against and support Windows 10 Pro.

(dates subject to change)

MTS Software Product

First Release to Support Windows 10

Targeted Timing

Series 793 Software

6.0 Release

Q4 2016

Series 793-based applications
 - Biaxial Psuedo
 - Pseudo Dynamic
 - Run Time Ramp
 - Civil Engineering
 - Elastomer

6.0 Release

Q1 2017


4.2 Release

Q4 2016

TestSuite First Road

1.1 Release

Q4 2016

793 First Road


No planned support

RPC Pro / cRPC Pro

5.3 Release

Q1 2017

793 Damper

5.3 Release

Q1 2017

Elastomer Express

2.2 Release

Q1 2017

793 Fatigue & Fracture


No planned support

TestWorks® 4 Software (EM applications)


No planned support

TestWorks® 4 Software (SH applications)


No planned support


7.1 Release

Q1 2017

Tire Test Definition

3.73 Release

Q4 2016

TestSuite Tire

2.2 Release

Q1 2017

709 Alignment


Q4 2016

FlexDAC Calibration

1.3 Release

Q4 2016

Accessories Catalog for MTS Exceed EM Test Systems

The accessory catalog for MTS Exceed Electro-Mechanical (EM) Test Systems is now available

The catalog includes over 100 commonly used grips and fixtures for a variety of test applications with detailed product technical information as well as applicable test standards. The catalog is organized by product types, and the last page provides an index of grips and fixtures in alphabetic order to quickly find the accessory you are looking for.

In the extensometer section, we have the new Model 635 Extensometers, specially designed for monotonic testing.

The catalog can be downloaded from MTS. CLICK HERE

MTS-Roehrig brochures available for download

ACS is pleased to advise that we now have PDF brochures on the MTS-Roehrig range of SYD Damper Test Systems and EMA Damper Test Systems available for immediate download.

Highly portable, easy-to-use and quick, MTS-Roehrig SYD (Scotch Yoke Dynamometer) Crank Dynos are the sinusoidal damper characterization tools of choice for automotive racing teams, tier 1 suppliers and automotive OEMs.

Click here to download MTS-Roehrig SYD Brochure (approx 1.4 MB)

Electric MTS-Roehrig EMA Damper Test Systems are renowned among product R&:D engineers, leading damper manufacturers and race team engineers alike for their high frequency response, programmability and unmatched operational efficiency. Compact and portable, they are well suited for factory, laboratoyr, proving ground or race track deployment.

Click here to download MTS-Roehrig EMA Brochure (approx 1.4 MB)

ACS VNCX Extensometer

ACS is proud to announce our VNCX, or Video Non-Contact Extensometer.

VNCX is a non-contact, optical strain measurement device for measuring the average gauge length and width of a tensile specimen without locking in a particular procedure or assuming the material behaves in a particular way. Measurements can be taken throughout the entire testing period up to specimen fracture and hence the proof stress and all elongations can be automatically recorded for every specimen tested.

One or two cameras are mounted on a fixed frame with the camera axis pointing in a direction normal to the tensile test. The camera frame rate is set between 30 and 200 frames per second depending on camera type, lighting, and the field of view. The image processing can support this rate with either dots or lines defining the gauge marks.

ACS is the only supplier of a dual camera system allowing for very long gauge lengths.

For more information or a demonstration, please contact ACS tollfree on 1800-334-184

Click here to download the VNCX Specifications

ACS Adelaide gains NATA accreditation for electrical calibration.

Australian Calibrating Services South Australia has recently gained accreditation for Electrical Calibration from NATA the National Association of Testing Authorities.

ACS has a strong history of providing calibration services to the SA market both in the laboratory and out in the field across a broad range of industries.

With the extension of electrical capabilities in South Australia ACS can provide prompt turnaround at competitive pricing on equipment used by Electrical contractors, Technicians and Laboratories.

Typical items which can be calibrated are as follows:

  • Digital Multimeters
  • Analogue Multimeters
  • Clamp Meters & Tong testers
  • Non contact Voltage testers
  • Insulation testers
  • Resistance boxes
  • Potential dividers
  • Precision Multimeters
  • Precision resistors
  • Current Shunts
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Analogue Multimeters
  • Clamp Meters & Tong testers
  • Non contact Voltage testers
  • Precision Multimeters
  • Current Shunts
  • HV Measurement to 28 kVac 30 kVdc
  • Appliance testers
  • Portable Appliance testers
  • Frequency Meters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Function Generators
  • Power supplies
  • RCD testers
  • Earth Loop Testers
  • Fault Loop Testers
  • Calibrators
  • Process Meters
  • Tachometers
  • Stopwatches and Timers

Please contact our friendly staff at:

Australian Calibrating Services (A'sia) Pty Ltd
3/543 Churchill Road,
Kilburn SA 5084
Telephone: +61-8-8260-6164
Mobile: +61-475-806-142

Introducing MTS Roehrig EMA Damper Test Systems

High-performance MTS Roehrig EMA Damper Test Systems are deployed worldwide for performing single-axis damper characterization and in-line production quality testing, as well as custom applications such as NVH, high-velocity testing and road profile playback. Compact and portable enough for lab, factory or track deployment, these systems are renowned among product R&D engineers, leading damper manufacturers and race team engineers alike for their high frequency response (>100 Hz) and unmatched operational efficiency.

EMA damper systems feature patented electromagnetic actuation (EMA) technology. Born of the racing industry’s need for portable, cost-efficient damper test solutions, this technology integrates low-mass, ironless core linear electric motors to achieve higher velocities at higher forces than mechanical or hydraulic solutions, without having to compensate for the temperature, oil column resonance or friction considerations endemic to these technologies. In addition, electrically-actuated systems require far less capital investment and infrastructure than hydraulic solutions, are cleaner and quieter, faster to setup, and easier to maintain and repair.

The EMA damper line comprises four models of varying peak force capacities: 2,000 lbf (8.9 kN); 4,000 lbf (17.8 kN); 6,000 lbf (26.7 kN); and 12,000 lbf (53 kN). All EMA damper systems feature industry-proven, Windows-based SHOCK™ Test Control and Damper Analysis Software. Easy-to-use and versatile, Shock software can be programmed to generate a full spectrum of waveforms, including sinusoidal, triangle, square, sine-on-sine, variable sine, random and frequency sweep. The software also supports the importation of custom waveforms and playback of road load data/track data to simulate real-world conditions.

Contact ACS today and learn how MTS Roehrig EMA Damper Test Systems can help you meet laboratory, factory or track-based damper performance testing requirements with ease, efficiency and confidence.

MTS 2015 Services & Accessories Catalog Now Available

What’s new for 2015

» Continued global expansion of MTS field service and regional business centre support personnel to provide higher levels of response
» MTS Echo™ Software release for SE controllers and Health Monitoring for HPU’s
» MTS Direct Current Potential Drop (DCPD) Solution
» Thermomechanical Fatigue (TMF) Subsystem with Induction Heating

Click here to download the 2015 catalog from MTS

MTS YouTube Channel Launches

MTS are pleased to announce the launch of the official MTS YouTube channel.

Click here to view MTS YouTube Channel

MTS Echo Software

Imagine having access to the status of your test without being on the lab floor – or even at your office. Imagine knowing that all is running smoothly at one or more locations with a quick glance at your smartphone, tablet or PC, and receiving and e-mail or text message as a test's status changes.

You can do all of this and more with the new MTS Echo™ software (*) that is included with the latest version of MTS Series 793 software. This breakthrough, web-based solution lets you apply the remote connectivity advantages of mobile devices toward your test program. Authorized users get secure, simple, on-demand access to real-time test system statistics at any hour of the day — and from anywhere in the world. An Internet connection is all you need.

Enhance productivity. Quickly respond to issues and avoid delays caused by unexpected interruptions, without requiring a test operator to stay on site to continually monitor a test. You’ll arrive at work in the morning facing fewer unknowns, helping you more efficiently allocate your time and resources.

Increase uptime. See any signal just moments after it occurs, or view the entire lab status from a single screen. This visibility and responsiveness will keep your test equipment at peak capacity more of the time, helping you meet more aggressive deadlines and keep projects on schedule.

Streamline communications. By viewing real-time information from your mobile device, you can answer more test status questions without having to take a trip to the lab floor. In addition, rather than fielding questions from customers or colleagues about test status, you can provide them with direct, secure access to the information themselves.

Apple iTunes Store: MTS Echo for iOS

Google Play Store: MTS Echo for Android

Please visit the MTS Echo Website for more information including a Security White Pager and video presentations.

(*) Annual subscription charges apply for MTS Echo from October 1, 2013

MTS Exceed Universal Test System

MTS Exceed

MTS is the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical testing and simulation solutions, providing the superior technology, expertise and global support that customers need to meet their business objectives. MTS Exceed™ universal test systems reflect the knowledge and best practices gained from decades of testing industry leadership.

Click here to download MTS Exceed brochure (approx 3MB)

GDS Launch The Modern Replacement for a Traditional Hanging Weight Oedometer

The Automated Oedometer System (GDSAOS) is a self-contained stepper motor driven unit that can be controlled either manually using its Smart Keypad or from a PC using the USB interface. There is no requirement for compressed air or manually placed weights. When used with the GDSLAB control and data acquisition software, the GDSAOS can be used for a complete array of tests beyond those which a hanging weight oedometer can perform.

The greatest benefit of the GDSAOS is the flexibility of the systems and the options available:

: GDSLAB with the Oedometer module –Automated testing (step loading) and data acquisition.

: External Displacement transducer – Increases the accuracy of strain measurements (generally required to comply with national standards).

: Several Constant Rate of Strain (CRS) Options.

: Further Advanced Testing Options including closed loop and displacement control & permeability testing.

Click here for more info

GDS Anaylsis Tool Features in Ground Engineering

The launch of GDS new bender elements analysis tool has been showcased in the April edition of Ground Engineering magazine.The GDS Bender Element Analysis Tool (GDSBEAT) itself is an easy-to-use set of Add-Ins accessible through Microsoft Excel, allowing any laboratory to participate in performing automated analysis of bender element data, without the prior requirement of software programming knowledge.
The analysis tool is available to download free of charge for limited period of time. The aim is to share the software with the geotechnical community and help the progression towards accepted standards for these tests. GDS are happy for customers to distribute the tool but are reminded the purpose of the tool is to create discussion rather than consider this the final word in automated bender element analysis.
Click here to download the full article and software analysis tool.

ACS to participate in National Manufacturing Week 2013

ACS will be participating as an exhibitor on stand 3313 at the National Manufacturing Week 2013 Exhibition from May 7-10, 2013, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. NMW - the event that strengthens Australian manufacturing through technology, innovation and education.

We will be focusing on five (5) key product groups which will include

  • MTS Systems – Dynamic and Static Materials Testing Machines
  • Tovey Engineering - Precision Loadcells
  • Straightpoint - Lifting and Crane Scales
  • Tekscan - Load and Pressure Distribution
  • Indentec (Zwick) - Hardness Testing Machines

We propose having available some demonstration equipment available. Don't miss this opportunity to discuss the range of equipment and services available through ACS.

Click here for National Manufacturing Week's website for more details.

MTS 2013 Services & Accessories Catalog Now Available

What’s new for 2013

» Global expansion of MTS field service and regional business centre support personnel to provide higher levels of response

» Continued expansion of Routine Maintenance service packages

» Rolling Road and Flat-Trac® Systems maintenance parts section additions

» Expanded MTS SilentFlo™ pump/motor module onsite exchange program. The offerings have been expanded to now encompass the full SilentFlo™ range from Models 505.07 to 505.180

» MTS HydraulixSM Monitoring product offering overview section

» Updated support content for the high-temperature low-cycle fatigue (LCF) and high-cycle fatigue (HCF) solutions, including the Model 653 furnace, Model 646 furnace extensions, and high temperature extensometers

» New MTS Acumen™ Electrodynamic Test System supported with system load cells and the new MTS Model 645 grip

» The MTS Model 633.11 capacitive extensometer has been re-introduced

Click here to download catalog from MTS

MTS Acumen Test Systems

The new MTS Acumen Electrodynamic Test System. Clean. Simple. Intuitive. A breakthrough in dynamic and static testing for materials and components. At its core: energy-efficient electrodynamic actuation. So you can expect fast deployment, versatile performance, accurate results and minimal impact in your facility.

Click here for more on the MTS Acumen Test Systems

MTS FVX Extensometer

Noncontact extensometry is the method of choice for applications where it is especially difficult to measure strain using conventional means. Because they do not touch the specimen, noncontact extensometers work well when specimens are thin or brittle, have irregular surfaces, require high-temperature or submerged environments, or tend to release a great deal of energy at failure.

Driven by powerful cameras, processors and software, the MTS Advantage Video Extensometer (AVX) delivers unprecedented speed, accuracy and flexibility for noncontact measurement. Its revolutionary point-to-point measurement technique involves coating the specimen surface with spectral paint. The extensometer recognizes patterns in the paint to acquire measurement data, which is processed by MTS TestSuite™ TW software to calculate specimen strain and modulus.

The AVX enables higher accuracy and greater overall versatility than edge-to-edge noncontact extensometers. It performs axial, axial-transverse, orthogonal, rotational and dual-average measurement. The AVX also supports numerous setups, including multi-camera, multi-segment and multi-point strain. This new level of flexibility helps characterize non-homogenous materials such as composites, and allows test professionals to perform more precise studies of failure mechanisms and other complex events.

Because the MTS AVX is compatible with MTS TestSuite TW software, acquired data can be easily integrated into the software’s results and reports. This sophisticated software provides the test definition, analysis and reporting functions required to meet the needs of advanced researchers. The AVX expands its capabilities further, creating new opportunities for test innovation.

MTS Criterion Universal Test Systems now available from Australian Calibrating Services

One of Australia’s largest and oldest suppliers of Materials Testing and Measuring Equipment and Calibrating Services, ACS, is the distributor for the recently released range of MTS Criterion Universal Test Systems.

MTS is the world’s leading supplier of mechanical test and simulation solutions. MTS Criterion systems are designed to deliver the reliable, repeatable performance needed to meet the robust quality compliance and uptime demands of high-volume production environments, as well as the capacity to perform a full range of high-force industrial testing.

The versatility of the MTS Criterion allows it to efficiently perform standard tension, compression, flex/bend and shear tests on a wide variety of materials including metals, polymers, composites, wood and paper products, biomedical products and textiles.

The Criterion comes standard with easy to use TestWorks software – the world’s most full-featured universal testing package. TestWorks software allows operators to perform accurate and repeatable mechanical testing of materials, components and finished goods across a full spectrum of applications. TestWorks has an intuitive operator interface, powerful analysis and reporting capabilities and allows for a large number of test methods.

ACS will market both the compact Series 40 Electromechanical and robust Series 60 Static-Hydraulic models in Australia. The 40 Series, available in 4 different models, features a complete selection of universal test systems for meeting a wide range of monotonic production testing requirements. Highly reliable and easy to operate, these test systems employ high-speed, low vibration MTS electromechanical drives and integrated, digital closed-loop controls to test in load and position control at force capacities ranging from 5 N to 100 kN.

Series 40 models are available in a variety of compact, high stiffness 1 and 2 column table-top configurations for low to medium force testing, or robust 2 column floor standing configurations for medium to high force testing.

The 60 Series, available in 2 models is designed to perform accurate and reliable tension and compression tests of high-strength materials in a wide range of shapes and sizes. These robust test systems employ reliable MTS servo-controlled hydraulic actuation and high-speed, digital closed loop controls to test in load, displacement or strain control at force capacities ranging from 300 kN to 1,000 kN.

Series 60 models are available in a variety of high-stiffness 6 column load configuration, all supported by a compact and ergonomic Integrated Operations Platform.

As with all MTS products, safety is of paramount importance and the Criterion units all comply with the latest international safety directives and are fitted with numerous safety features.

To ensure longevity, MTS Criterion systems feature durable protective rubber matting to extend the life and enhance the maintainability and utility of the system test space. Both the Series 40 and Series 60 systems feature heavy work surface mats, which are designed to protect the load frame base and facilitate easy test space clean-up and maintenance.

Naturally ACS offer a full after sales service and maintenance program for these machines to help extend system life and provide operators with complete confidence in the equipments operation.

“MTS test systems set the benchmark for quality, durability and performance,” ACS Managing Director, Tim Kennon said.

“We’ve been distributing MTS products for the last 23 years and are proud to be the distributor for the new Criterion range. We expect both the Series 40 and 60 systems to find ready acceptance across a diverse range of markets,” Mr Kennon added.

ACS has been operating for over 40 years and has NATA accreditation for an extensive range of calibration services – more than any of its competitors. ACS also sells an extensive range of Materials Testing equipment from leading manufacturers around the world, as well as designing and manufacturing its own range of products.

ACS products and services are used throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Product sales, customer service, advice and calibrations are supported by offices across the region.

Australian Calibrating Services (ACS) exclusive distributor for Loadlink range

One of Australia’s largest and oldest suppliers of Materials Testing Equipment and Calibrating Services, ACS, is the exclusive distributor for the Loadlink range of force measurement devices.

Loadlink is a product of UK manufacturer Straightpoint (UK) Limited. Straightpoint are world leaders in the design and manufacture of force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cells up to 1,000 tonnes capacity. They provide an extensive range of equipment to lifting and weighing companies globally.

The company is renowned worldwide for manufacturing products that are technologically advanced, rugged, reliable and easy to use.

One of the major benefits of the Loadlink product is that all models are very small, easy to carry around and simple to use – a marked contrast to some of the heavy, cumbersome models that are currently available. Loadlink is manufactured from aerospace grade hi-tension aluminium whereas many competitors use heavy steel.

The standard Loadlink range available in Australia consists of Loadlink Plus, Wirelink and Radiolink with a capacity range from 2.5 to 100 tonnes. However, capacities of up to 500 tonnes are available upon special request. All models incorporate the latest load cell technology and come standard with carry/storage cases.

The Loadlink Plus, originally introduced in 1979, was the first electronic force measurement device with an integral display. The latest version features push button controls for tare, units (kg, lbs, kN and tonnes), peak hold, pre-set tare, audible set point alarm and the overload counter. Remote output is fitted as standard allowing connection to a wide range of accessories.


Wirelink is the non-indicating version of the Loadlink Plus and is designed to be connected to the Handheld Plus remote control or used with an optional analogue output unit. The unit comes with ten metres of cable as standard.

Radiolink Plus is a radio controlled version of the popular Loadlink and comes standard with a handheld display. The unit operates on a 2.4 GHz licence exempt frequency.

The standard handheld display features an impressive 100 metres range and features a push button control for tare and on/off functions. Up to 12 Radiolinks can be displayed on the optional advanced handheld display unit.

Fitted with standard alkaline batteries, Radiolink Plus provides an impressive 850 hour battery life and is both rugged and weatherproof. Importantly, the unit has no external antenna to get in the way. It can also be connected to a PC using the optional ‘desktop controller’ data logging software package.

“When it comes to force measurement devices, the Loadlink product range sets the benchmark for quality, durability and performance,” ACS Managing Director, Tim Kennon said.

“We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Loadlink and all the models have found ready acceptance in the marketplace – we also aim to keep a good supply of stock so can usually offer immediate delivery,” Mr Kennon added.

ACS has been operating for over 40 years and has NATA accreditation for an extensive range of calibration services – more than any of our other competitors. ACS also sells an extensive range of Materials Testing equipment from leading manufacturers around the world, as well as designing and manufacturing its own range of products.

ACS products and services are used throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. Product sales, customer service, advice and calibrations are supported by offices across the region.